Estates and other large sales

In the case of larger sales, we prefer to visit you at home. Our valuers are authorised by Sweden’s Chambers of Commerce to value art, antiques and modern design, that is, items falling under the scope of our activities. We also carry out valuations in the case of estate inventory, distribution of an estate or when taking out insurance. We also arrange auctions for charity and donations. Moreover, we hold premium auctions a couple of times a year during which more exclusive items are on offer.

Naturally, all commissions are handled confidentially. Requests are handled in the order they are submitted. During certain periods we are very busy, and it may take a while before we respond.

Ahead of a home visit, you are welcome to contact us by emailing info@goteborgsauktionsverk.se or phoning +46 (0)31-704 77 00. You can also get in touch with our valuers at:

Tapio Korhonen

E-mail: tapio.korhonen@goteborgsauktionsverk.se
+46 (0)73-460 6190

Maria Öhman

E-mail: maria.ohman@goteborgsauktionsverk.se
+46 (0)73-460 6191