What does it cost me to sell?

Sellers commissions and fees at Göteborgs Auktionsverk are 16% plus a fee of 100 SEK (total minimum of 300 SEK), inclusive VAT, per sold object.

Who will arrange my transport?

Göteborgs Auktionsverk will, against a fee, help you to arrange a transport or to get in contact with a professional transport company.

When do I get paid after a sale?

Sellers receive sales information via e-mail directly after the auction. When the buyer has paid accordingly, we will pay the seller the net payment 20 days after the auction, provided the object has not been reclaimed or returned by the buyer. The payment will be transferred directly to your stated account.

Questions regarding payment are answered by auctionet.com via e-mail support@auctionet.com or telephone +46 8 1244 9985 (weekdays 10-13).

What happens if my object is not sold?

An object unsold at the first sale will be put up for auction again, at a total of three times.