• The auctions at Göteborgs Auktionsverk are conducted in cooperation with the web auction site To participate in the online bidding, please register as a new client here.
  • On the object page you will see a box, in which you state your maximum bid. If you prefer to bid as low as possible, this amount is already filled in. Then press “lägga bud” or “enter”.
  • If you leave your bid when less than one minute remains of the bidding, the auction will automatically be prolonged for three minutes.
  • When you win an auction, you will receive an e-mail containing instructions about payment of your invoice, retrieving your object at our salerooms and how to order a transport. Commissions and fees are added to the price, at a total of 22,5% plus 80 SEK (VAT included).

All objects are on view in our showrooms at Värmlandsgatan 2, Gothenburg, Sweden.


  • The transport price of each object is shown on the object page.
  • When you win an auction, you may order a transport under “Mina sidor” (“My pages”).
  • For questions regarding transport, please contact or telephone +46 812-449 985 (weekdays 10-13).
  • For more information about transports, please read further under Transport.

Payment and Collecting of bought items

  • Payments are made by credit card at “Mina sidor” (“My pages”) or by Swedish Bankgiro.
  • When paying through bankgiro, there is a delay of three days before your payment is registered on our bank account. When registered, a confirmation of your payment is sent to you via e-mail, after which you are welcome to retrieve your object.
  • You are also welcome to pay by credit card at our premises at Värmlandsgatan 2. Please note that we do not accept cash payments.
  • Your object remains in our salerooms free of charge, during five weekdays after the auction. After that, we will charge a fee of 50 SEK per object/day. Please observe that our staff do not have the possibility to lift, pack and load purchased items.